Soil Voices

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Soil Voices‘ is an exciting programme being delivered by Jude Allen and Isla Robertson. In this section you will find details about what they have been working on, and some sneak peeks of what we have in the pipeline!

Soil Voices: Latest News

Our Living Soil has many strands and themes, here you can find more details on what we are currently up to 

Soil Voices Webinar

Zoom into Soil: Our Living Soil The latest webinar in the Zoom into Soil series, hosted by the British Society of Soil Science, took place on the 4...

Soil Voices: Global Conversations

The wonders of modern technology enabled us to deliver our first online workshop to twenty students – 10 from Churston Ferrers school in Devon, UK, and 10 from King’s Kids in Nairobi, Kenya – all learning in the same classroom. Aged 10-15, the students have spent 5 weeks learning about soil and how we can invite it back into our lives through creative writing and poetry

Introducing Soil Voices!

This month, part of our arts offering for the WCSS, Our Living Soil, has really started to get off the ground! ‘Soil Voices’ is an exciting programme being delivered on behalf of the BSSS by Jude Allen and Isla Robertson. They have been teasing us here in the office at BSSS with snippets from their work….

Soil Stories: Digging Deeper

Isla is working on an exciting original audio drama called ‘Digging Deeper’- the thrilling story of Ella, a young girl who hears a voice from across the moors. Based around the theme of soils, Digging Deeper weaves bog bodies, modern farming conflicts and soil stories through time together in a deeply engaging tale. And extract from the audio drama recorded by professional actors is below- we highly recommend- and are looking forward to the full story!