Soil & Soul

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Soil and Soul is a new project from Propagate, supported by Our Living Soil, coming to Glasgow in 2022 in the run up to the World Congress of Soil Science 2022.

About Soil and Soul

Soil and Soul is a new project in Glasgow, led by Propagate in partnership with Open Jar Collective and the British Society for Soil Science.

Between January and July we will work with 10 groups, adventuring on a journey into soil. We’ll be going deep underground and exploring our connection to soil, meeting micro-organisms,  dipping into geology and history that’s given us the soils we have today… and ultimately finding out why soil matters to all life on earth.

This project is open to groups of all types to get involved. We’ll visit different locations around the city, looking at soils of all types. We’ll be digging into Glasgow’s rich history and how this has affected our soils – including how industrial processes of the past have changed our soils, but also how nature can help these soils bounce back.

We’ll be meeting tardigrades and nematodes, and discover why mycelium matters. We’ll get mulchy with compost and be amazed at the processes and interactions that produce our food. And we’ll learn how the answer to stopping climate change might be right under our feet.

In July and August, the World Congress of Soil Science is coming to the SECC. International scientists and academics will descend on the city for 6 days of all things soil. The groups involved in this project will have opportunities to meet with scientists and share their discoveries. Open Jar Collective will record podcasts with participants as an archive for the future. 

Propagate and friends extend an open invitation to groups around the city to join us on our journey in Soil and Soul.

About Propagate

Propagate are a collective of community activists, artists and workers who are interested in food security and sustainability. Propagate aim to inspire and work with communities, providing opportunities to grow food, create greenspaces and cook healthy meals using local produce. We were founded in 2017 and have continued this work since.

Social justice and community action is at the heart of everything Propagate does, looking at sustainable food through a community focused lens. We work with children, young people, support groups, disabled people, homeless projects, schools and organisations to support communities.